Friday, December 02, 2005

Revisions, rest, and reflection

Before the final library version of my thesis is due on December 14th, I'm taking the opportunity to revise, edit, and flesh out a few more things in the document. As much as I'd like to just send it off and pursue PhD land full throttle, there is that niggling little voice in the back of my head that goes "come on Flo, you've been working on this thing... it's going to be in the library FOREVER.... including any typos!" So... fine toothed comb.
This was also partly inspired by the experience in Richard Smith's Communication Technologies class yesterday. Instead of looking outward as most courses do, this week we looked inward at theses that our own students in the School of Communication have produced. Students in the class were responsible for selecting a thesis and talking about what the author did, how they did it, and their treatment of technology. So, if you ever think that people won't read your thesis, think again.
After this is done with, I hope to get in some much needed rest. I don't know any other way I could have done this crazy semester if I had to do it over again.... but I might not have chosen to take PhD courses in the same semester as defending an MA thesis... say.
Over the winter break (I'm fantasizing that two weeks will feel like two years) I hope to get snowed in and be forced to reflect on things both personal and professional. I also hope to get in much celebration that I didn't really have the chance to, including thanksgiving, my freakin birthday, and other such revelry (the 4th "R").


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