Thursday, November 30, 2006

Socialtext press conference in WoW tomorrow

Lots of companies are doing press conferences in Second Life, but World of Warcraft? With duels and orcs? Well... Socialtext is trying it out.
From Joi Ito's page:

"It started by making fun of large companies holding press conferences in Second Life, but was taken seriously enough that we are going to do it. The first ever press conference held in World of Warcraft. This could be a cheap PR stunt around some good news from Socialtext, but it could also just be fun.

  • Time: December 1st, 5pm server time (4pm PST)
  • Location: The Twilight Grove, Duskwood."
Journalists are to RSVP here on the site>>

It would be neat to see what the differences may be between an online environment like Second Life, and World of Warcraft, which have 'game' things going on that aren't so 'businessy'.

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