Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today on the Christy Clark Show CKNW 980

I'll be on the Christy Clark Show today from 1pm-1:40pm PST, talking about addiction to online games. The need for commentary on this issue arises from yesterday's story about a person in China dying after a 'binge' of Web activity at an Internet Cafe.

You can tune in to AM980 if you're in the area, or listen live via the Web on the CKNW site.

Updated: The audio archive version of the shows can be found at http://www.christyclark.ca/audio/

Gene Endrody, CEO of Maid Marian Entertainment (makers of ~free~ web-based MMORPGS) was an awesome co-panelist. His information and games(!) can be found here: http://www.maidmarian.com/

The land of the soundbyte is indeed filled with its own set of challenges, and kudos to anyone who navigates within it from industry, academia, and/or government. Actually, we had perspectives from all three sectors: Christy, as many may know, was a provincial MLA and Cabinet Minister, Gene makes games in the games industry, and well... I guess you might call me an academic.I thoroughly enjoyed the banter Christy, Gene, and I had on the show--so much, we actually went ten minutes overtime! The host said that rarely happens. :)

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Blogger Neils said...

Good interview, but it was so short!

I'm not surprised at all you three talked for awhile afterward. There's so much more ground to this than people realize - I've had 15 minute interviews (that couldn't, in any way, go over time) carry on for 2 hours.

But then, some of us live and breathe this stuff. Maybe we're weird like that.


2:28 PM  

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