Friday, December 09, 2005

Amusing revisions

A reason why revisions could be important, even if you can't stand reading it anymore: When you're writing lots, you miss silly things because you're going cross-eyed.

You start saying stuff like "I appled something to my data," when you meant APPLIED. I can't even claim I'm writing on a Mac. How embarassing.

When I used to be an Instructional Designer (a more pedagogical version of a tech writer) we used to have a whole department to do different edits (seek out tech edits, content edits, copy edits, and so on). That cycle of events gave the writer (me) a much needed break from the material so that when the copy came back with the markup, I fixed those issues as well as added some of my own improvements. Amazing what distance from writing does for clarity.

I need to find more ways to compartmentalize the one-ness of the academic experience. As a grad student, you're dealing with the 'big ideas,' but it doesn't end there. You're also facking around with document/referencing applications, acting as a project manager, dealing with administration, and a whole host of other resource ills that come around thesis finishing time--all on one clock, which is ultimately your own.


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