Thursday, January 26, 2006

Speed increased by 100%

An update on my gaming that I just had to share...
After saving much gold, I am now the proud owner of a Great Brown Kodo, also referred to as an EPIC MOUNT in World of Warcraft. Yay!
As soon as I got it, I ported back to Ogrimmar and did the traditional parking myself on top of my Kodo in front of the bank to "show off my ride." lol. Carrot on a stick and mithril spurs have got nuttin on this. Druid got game.
My alt is a Warlock... and I can't wait to get her up to snuff and get a FLAMING PURPLE EPIC MOUNT. But alas, maintaining a level 60 in an uber guild while doing grad school is quite the challenge... so my ambition is curbed by limited slices my time pie will allow for. (grin)


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