Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fun reading

Some of my holiday reading included the book by Robin Wolaner: "Naked in the Boardroom: A CEO bares her secrets so you can transform your career." You can find it here.

I love how fast this book went. The memoir-style writing is very candid, as she recounts successes, failures, and lessons learned in and out of the business context that have typically been unique to women in business. While it is true that she broke ground as a woman in business in a different time (one that did not have as many liberties for women as now) I'd be delusional to think that some traditional preconceptions and obstacles that existed then don't exist now and that I shouldn't keep them in mind for how I navigate the professional jungles of industry and academia. This is especially important because I'm not just dealing with different corporate cultures, but those around the world that definitely have differing levels of liberties for professional females.

It was an interesting peek into how executives of large corporations think, and resolve their business with personal thoughts and tough life circumstances--something this past year left me wanting to figure out more. I found a some of her recommendations quite applicable for present and future professional life as well. A recommended read for anyone.


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