Friday, October 20, 2006

My surgeon plays video games. Does yours?

From Reuters today, an article that asks if video games are a blessing or a curse while covering the history of video games exhibit at the London Science Museum. Come on people. Like everything else in life, it's both and there are pros and cons. But boy is it fun debating the intricacies, I know, I know. It's what -we- (big hand gestures) do, isn't it?
Even more amusing was the New York study the exhibit cited, which, summarized in the article, stated: nimble-fingered surgeons who played video games were 30 percent more accurate and faster than their non-gaming colleagues. (Me could generally agree but me scratches head in issues of correlation/causation as always...)
Then states, video games are now used in training Air Force pilots.
Then, it goes into the inevitable polemic of -in encouraging game use, are we creating sedentary violent people???-
I find it all very tiresome... but then again, it's questions like these that make me go ZOMGLASERGUNPEW PEW PEW!@!#@
...and keep researching the good fight.


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