Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh, the pile of work is frightful...

I'm sniffly, and in pre-holiday deadline hibernation with hella work on threat of pwnage.
I'm also starting to experience a little McLuhan-esque reversal in the number of RSS feeds I have and am only caring about a few of them now.
But I thought I should pop my head out of the pile of papers and say hi. You know, in case any of you missed me amidst your own deadline pressures and brain farts.

I do look forward to the holidays. Mostly because email lists are quieter, people in general are quieter, and it's as guilt-free self time as it gets. For me, anyway. I'm a total believer in resting the mind in order to be more productive too. Probably sneaking in some comp reading here and there by the roaring fire(place video on channel 4).
You wish I was kidding. ;)

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