Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Internet Researchers descend on Vancouver for AOIR 8.0 Let's Play

Here at SFU Vancouver, we are proud to host the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference starting TOMORROW October 17, and going until the 20th. As part of the ground committee (organized by fearless Conference Chair Richard Smith) I can say that we've got a great event lined up and we're looking forward to welcoming y'all to share ideas with leading movers and shakers in the field. Just take a look at the awesome lineup of keynote speakers: Henry Jenkins (MIT), John Lester aka Pathfinder Linden (Linden Lab), and John Willinsky (UBC).

The conference website with information on the program, abstracts, and presenters is here. Too numerous and high quality to name them all here, so you'll just have to see for yourself.

The wiki of goings ons is here. What would we do without them.

There is, of course, a Facebook group -- just search under AoIR... and pie...

The abstract of my presentation on the Korean online games industry with Dal Yong Jin is here. Please do come. It's going to be a smashing panel with Lisa Nakamura (UIUC), Dan Burk (UMinnesota Law School), Sal Humphreys (Queensland UT), and Sara Grimes(SFU). It's on Friday, October 19th in theatre HC 1900 at Harbour Centre, 1:30.

Let's Play. Come and say hi. I'll be making sure there's still cream for coffee and the like.

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Blogger Kelly said...

It was a great conference - and it was great to meet you Friday at Jaggers =)

looking forward to the next one

7:17 PM  

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