Friday, February 22, 2008

The Future of MMOs Panel at GDC 2008

Liz Lawley at TerraNova posts a very informative entry covering the GDC 2008 Future of MMOs panel, with commentary from movers and shakers in the industry.

The luminaries include: Jack Emmert from Cryptic, Matt Miller from NCSoft, Ray Muzyka from BioWare (Canadian), Min Kim from Nexon America and Rob Pardo from Blizzard.

The moderator questions covered:
  • Can an MMO be successful today without an outside IP?
  • Are MMOs headed towards consoles?
  • Will microtransactions be the future of MMO business? (interesting discussion)
  • Can you be successful now without multimillion dollar MMOs?
And then they threw the floor open to audience questions also covered in the post. Take a look at what TNers have to say in the comments!

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