Monday, January 14, 2008

EA establishes development base in Korea

On Thursday, Electronic Arts announced that it plans to set up a development studio in Korea within the year and create three or four new online games.

Famous for hit series such as "FIFA Soccer" and "The Sims", the company's sales stand at US$3.7 billion.

The Chosunilbo reports:

EA aims to secure talented Korean game developers to lay the foundation for a future advance into the Asian market. Senior producer Danny Isaac will head the new studio.

"The size of the studio hasn't been decided yet," a company source said. "First we plan to recruit dozens of workers to develop the 'NBA Street' and 'Battle Field' online games, but if we have more applicants than expected we may increase the size of the studio and develop another game.”

The company estimated that it will invest at least W20 billion (US$1=W938) in the studio.

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