Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miss Bimbo - aren't you a little curious?

On the radio this morning, I heard the creator of the game Miss Bimbo responding to the latest media frenzy/outrage/panic.

The curiosity was such that the site actually went down due to so many people attempting to access a game that has seemed to captivate those ages 9-16.

The controversy stems from some aspects of the game which people perceive as encouraging girls to get plastic surgery, use diet pills, and get a 'sugar daddy'.

On the radio, the creator was refuting some of these claims, stating that the average age of the player was actually 17.7 years old, including players who were in their twenties, to even as high as their fifties. Hmm.

When the talk show host grilled him on the negative aspects of the game as stated above, he said that those are only a few of the aspects of the game, stating that you can send your 'bimbo' to university too! He also defended the use of the word 'Bimbo' as tongue-in-cheek, saying that in the UK it was quite common to use the word humorously.

I don't know... do you think that this 'Paris Hilton' game allows users to experiment with what it would be -like- to be Paris Hilton, thereby satisfying that need in a virtual way... or do you think that such a game might encourage the 'wrong behaviour'? Isn't this the ever-present question... with games like Grand-Theft Auto, or any other violent/objectionable game? Should they receive sanctions, or is it expression?


Update April 01, 2008:: Latest on the Bimbo saga, they've done away with the Diet Pills feature to lessen some of the negative press. More here on CBC News>>

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