Friday, July 04, 2008

On spirituality and technology

Here's a story out of CBC talking about different ways people are tapping into spirituality through their various technologies available.  Also of note are the comments following the article, which are interesting for their own sake as well.  Is God just a "mouse-click" away, or...?

Here's a taste of the article's contents: 

How far can the online world go spiritually? It appears heaven is the limit. allows users the opportunity to send God a letter. It's just one of several websites providing the opportunity for online confessions. A study by Georgetown University in 2005 showed a significant decline in Catholics going to confession, but perhaps they have started visiting sites such as or where users are invited to "confess your soul," and, where users can ask for forgiveness.

Even the church collection plate is becoming obsolete. Online giving, which allows congregations to donate, is now the standard. And while the lines between the virtual world and that of the spiritual one may seem blurred, it won't replace the good old-fashioned church service.

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