Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Practising non-violence makes me stabby.

We've been on a roll this week...

Here's a story from RegHardware, talking about a teen who allegedly attacked his father with regards to a video game. Now, it's not the usual link aka "violent video games cause violence in kids," but rather "parents of violent kid attempt to diffuse violence with video game, failing miserably."

The perhaps aptly-named Mario – aged 16 and from Rome – allegedly stabbed his father with a kitchen knife earlier this week following an argument about FIFA 2009. Online reports said Mario’s 46-year-old father, Fabrizio, tried to offer his son advice on tactics to improve junior's gameplay.

FIFA 2009, for those of you living under a rock but somehow manage to get access to my blog, is a soccer (football) game.

The man is currently recovering in hospital. Mario’s mother - 46-year-old Monica – told a local newspaper: “We bought him FIFA 2009 because we didn't want him playing violent games."

So, how far in someone's biography do we go to correlate violence/stimulus? Would one make the link between FIFA and the kid's violence in this case? Probably not... but if the circumstances were different one might have used such a case as reason to decry video games altogether.

Imagine if the kid had been playing Hello Kitty Online....

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Blogger Simon said...

Classic yet still great observation! I hope you keep writing in your blog! I am a 3rd year Communication student at SFU, seeing what areas interest me the most for my graduate studies...

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