Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New book out: Gaming Cultures and Place in Asia-Pacific

Just got my copy of a new book from Routledge, "Gaming Cultures and Place in Asia-Pacific" edited by Larissa Hjorth and Dean Chan. Dal Yong Jin and I wrote the first chapter in Part I titled, "The Politics of Online Gaming," where we explored the geo-political, economic, cultural and social dimensions of Korea's creative industries in the form of online gaming.

You will also find contributions from...
Sam Hinton, Peichi Chung, Benjamin Wai-Ming Ng, Jun-Sok Huhh, Melanie Swalwell, Dean Chan, David Surman, Christian McCrea, Theodor G. Wyeld / Brett Leavy / Patrick Crogan, Ingrid Richardson, Holin Lin / Chuen-Tsai Sun, Larissa Hjorth / Bora Na / Jun-Sok Huhh

Description of the book:
This collection explores the relationship between digital gaming and its cultural context by focusing on the burgeoning Asia-Pacific region. Encompassing key locations for global gaming production and consumption such as Japan, China, and South Korea, as well as increasingly significant sites including Australia and Singapore, the region provides a wealth of divergent examples of the role of gaming as a socio-cultural phenomenon. Drawing from micro ethnographic studies of specific games and gaming locales to macro political economy analyses of techno-nationalisms and trans-cultural flows, this collection provides an interdisciplinary model for thinking through the politics of gaming production, representation, and consumption in the region.

Anyone interested in the latest research on gaming culture, particularly in the Asia-Pacific should take a gander through these pages.

You can get your own hardcopy of the book from Routledge here>>
Or, you can get a Kindle edition from Amazon here>>
Or, the library, like SFU here>>

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