Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speaking at Lift11 in Geneva

It’s T-7 days until Lift11 begins in Geneva, and I’m delighted to have been selected to participate, and also to be selected as a speaker for the open stage, during the Games, beyond Gamification and transmedia session.

Lift11 is a three-day conference about current and emerging usage of digital technologies such as online communities, social media and casual games. Participants come to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by digital technologies, and meet the people who drive these innovations.

The synopsis of my talk, titled “Localizations of global games: cross-cultural lessons” can be found here on the conference website>>

What happens when global games meet local culture?

In this talk, Florence Chee discusses the idea of games as a medium of communication and how it may look the same or different depending on where in the world you may find yourself. How do factors like culture, social structure, and infrastructure affect how people play online games in different global contexts? Drawing from ethnographic studies of games from all over the map, game designers, engineers, or cultural theorists will be interested in this discussion of the contingent factors that arise from public and private game play that is sometimes not about the game at all.

The whole conference happens at the Geneva International Conference Center (CICG). All talks will be given in English unless specified, and a French translation will be provided. The program is subject to changes.

The entire Lift11 schedule can be found here>>

Geneva. Can I be excited yet?

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