Friday, February 11, 2011

3. Media presence

As if being located in Geneva was not enough of a centralizing force for media coverage, Lift was able to leverage the presence of prominent speakers and media due to the World Economic Forum that had just taken place in Davos-Klosters, known in most cases as simply, "Davos."

Opening of the Annual Meeting - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011

This resulted in a number of the same people who had just attended or spoken at Davos to be in the audience or on stage, such as Robert Scoble or Matthias Lüfkens.

Here's a link to the aggregation of Lift press coverage.

Le Temps

On the train into Geneva from Zürich, I realized I was in the land of the Le Temps newspaper, and enjoyed browsing through the day's copy on the table in front of me. Little did I know that the following day at the conference, I would be ambushed by a reporter from said newspaper, while catching up with Gilles Florey and having just opened my computer. The reporter was curious and asked me questions about my desktop wallpaper, and then asked if I had time to be photographed in various positions with and without my laptop before the opening sessions occurred. The French photographer insisted, "no smile, no smile." And despite all of us not smiling, it resulted in a relatively lighthearted weekend piece in Le Temps.


The media would be omnipresent throughout the conference. One might say swarming.


After my openstage talk on games, I quickly retired to the conference's Zen Lounge and ironically partook in one of the numerous Red Bull drinks... pretty much to get myself to some semblance of "normal."

I was shortly approached by someone who I would later get to know as Roland Legrand, from Mediafin. We had a pleasant discussion, which resulted in this blog about Digital Natives and a resolution to keep in touch.

Then I downed the rest of my RB like a good Austrian resident.

Next up: My Open Stage talk.

**UPDATE: Le Monde

The talk was also discussed, along with two of the other Lift11 speakers (Steffen Walz and Etienne Mineur) in French newspaper Le Monde. I was wondering how there was a sudden spike in blog traffic from France! Bienvenue! :)

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