Wednesday, February 15, 2006

WoW networking

There's a story on CNet that talks about bonding with colleagues by playing WoW together.
This should only be a surprise if you're used to thinking of your online persona as different from offline. Here, people are using online characters on WoW to enhance their offline interactions professionally.

See the story here about the guild "WeKnow" in World of Warcraft.

Pretty cool, because months ago, I joined WeKnow founder Joi Ito's other spinoff guild called "WeOrc"because he put a call out on his blog for a certain "Saturday, 3pm PST" to coincide with people in Japan. It was really neat. Our little newbling characters messed around, took screenshots and did little quests together while Joi's level 5 powerleveled the level 1s. lol.


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