Thursday, December 14, 2006

When gaming and passion collide, you have...

...a Free Dating, Social Networking, and Chat site for video game lovers... or for people who love video game lovers (or another such permutation). Thanks to Ryan S. for sending this my way!


A 100% FREE online dating and social networking site specifically for video game lovers. Are you obsessed with XBox? XBox 360? Are you a Playstation fanatic? Playstation II? Playstation III? Or maybe you are a Nintendo fan? Looking for someone else addicted to WOW? Gaming Passions allows you to meet other video game lovers who 'get it'. Whether you are only interested in console games, or you also like PC Games, this is the site for you. Discuss strategy in the video game chatroom. Arrange for online competitions. Make new friends! Sign up now to enjoy free video gaming chat, message boards & email.

Interesting. Not sure if I'll be doing participant observation on this any time soon though!
Of course, this does -not- have to do with the fact that I often game with my spouse....

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