Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fire and brimstone

Video games have often been correlated (nay, implied as a causal relationship) with violent and aggresive behaviour. This is old news, right? Games are an endless time/energy sink for those who play them as well as those who lobby against them.
Taken to extremes (and in this case, is it really that extreme), anything can be correlated. There is new research that correlates violent bible passages and aggression. This research is interesting in that it takes a sacred communication medium and applies psychological tests to engagement in such, just as other experiments have done with other media. Perhaps unfortunate, but somehow I don't believe that a massive outcry against the bible would occur as a result and just be shrugged off as a silly inquiry. But is it? Why would we give other tests modeled on the same principles the time of day but not this?
As a society, we hear what we want to hear, do what we want to do, worship what we want to worship (God), and burn what we want to burn (Video games?).

See the story here>>

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