Monday, January 29, 2007

Caffeinated baked goods and state of affairs

As I sit here in a post-big house move coffee stupor, feeling the cumulative effects of sleep deprived nights, I share a bit from Wired (heh), Dr. Robert Bohannon in Durham, North Carolina has apparently found a way to keep caffeine in tact during the baking process, which enables the creation of things like... caffeinated doughnuts and bagels. I wonder if people would be for, or against the shaking up of a morning ritual in which many (especially central/eastern) Canadians partake. I mean, what would you drink with your caffeinated doughnut? Man.
I have a book chapter draft to finish by this Wednesday. Talk about timing.
Where is my stuff?

In other news, I heard that ebay is banning the sale of 'virtual' items, RMT, etc claiming that the IP ultimately doesn't reside with the player. I tell ya, when these debates turn into policy things get really sticky. This is one such example. I remember being in a meeting where unnamed dude X says that people are bidding on things that "aren't real." But, to sound totally postmodern even though I hate being called that, it's a rather normative assumption (and somewhat hypocritical if you partake in any type of symbolic transactions... think about credit cards, bidding on ebay itself) to say that something like an avatar or an item that someone spent time/labour/what have you to get ain't 'real'. Oh well. Why am I ranting about this now?

The move continues, my RAing continues, the comps continue, the writing continues.... ad nauseam.

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