Saturday, March 31, 2007

Terra Nova Guest blogger

I have been invited by the folks at Terra Nova to be a guest blogger for the month of April.
About TN: "Terra Nova is a blog about virtual worlds and their implications. Virtual Worlds include synthetics worlds, MMOs, MMORPGs, Social Worlds, MUDs, MOOs, and MUSHes. Terra Nova authors include scholars, practitioners and writers."
I've been following the blog (and having amusing n00b raids involving level 1 gnomes and the like with various TN authors) since the very beginning in 2003, so to be invited as a contributor is awesome. I'm all for bigger soapboxes. For those of you who don't already subscribe to Terra Nova, add it to your feed already.
A great way to kick off April! I will be posting various snippets of my research thoughts, and blogger-esque games musings there shortly.
**Bonus factoid: Terra Nova is part of the CNet "Blog 100"

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Blogger Sara M. Grimes said...

Very cool - i read terra nova too, and will be sure to check in on your postings there next month. i'm sure you'll get lots of interesting feedback, and i look forward to seeing what kind of dialogue you'll generate.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Florence Chee said...

Thanks Sara!

8:35 PM  

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