Friday, March 02, 2007

What makes you drive faster?

From the BBC, an article titled, "Games 'make drivers go faster.'" Thank goodness they put single quotations around 'make drivers go faster,' which makes me assume that one of the editors has 'some sense.'
These kind of stories make me want to 'shoot myself.'
According to survey data, more than a third of young drivers are more likely to drive faster on roads after playing on-screen driving games. Cue the usual 'games are bad for us' hand-wringing at this time, ad nauseam.
Thankfully, they got commentary from game designer David Perry (too bad he's presented as someone who has a vested financial interest in the perception of driving games as harmless) who is quoted as saying, "Anything that affects your emotions will affect how you drive. The guy in front, the music on the stereo...those are the things that make you speed up, not a game you played an hour ago."
Hmm... watching any Vin Diesel movie makes me want to drive faster. Policy implications?

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