Monday, September 01, 2008

Seoul - one week in

Well, I've been here for a week now.
Amidst so many conflicting emotions, cultural and linguistic adjustment, and being wrapped with red tape (and tied with a cute little bow) I've managed to get some semblance of a groove going.

I'm still kinda 'getting over' being here, so at this point I'm not really sure what I should blog. That is, how personal, how informative, how detailed should I make my entries? As my first priority, I've been writing my own notes and reflections like mad since arriving, but most of that is best left to incubate. Between flickr, twitter, facebook... what is redundant? I'm giving myself time to figure it out. Anthropologists of old no doubt had the same emotional rollercoaster that is part and parcel with being in the field... but in no other time like the present has there been the opportunity to keep so very in touch. The good, bad, and ugly... real time. There are good points to that, but also takes away the glossy sheen of representation after reflection in more academic writing. Imagine if Malinowski had been blogging what he was really thinking the whole time?:) I'll try to keep things at a medium hum, how about that?

Speaking of flickr, here's a set from my first week here. Some pics taken ninja-style so as to not make people feel awkward (cuz I don't look like a tourist here!) others taken during points of levity...


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