Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Symposium at SNU... and because everyone needs a little pick-me-up

I'm currently prepping for an international conference at SNU that takes place tomorrow.
"Digital Convergence and Institutional/Cultural Changes of Public Broadcasting," where I will be a panel discussant.

2008 SNU-UT- CUHK- NTU- TU- Symposium
서울대-동경대-홍콩중문대-대만국립대-청화대 학술심포지엄

Digital Convergence and Institutional/Cultural Changes of Public Broadcasting
디지털융합시대 공영방송의 제도와 문화의 변화

Date / Nov. 21~22, 2008

Venue / Heekwan Memorial Hall, College of Social Sciences (16-111),
Seoul National University
서울대 사회과학대학 희관기념홀

Organized by BK21 Digital Media and Communication in Korea
언론정보학과 BK21 사업단
Institute of Communication Research 언론정보연구소
Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, SNU 서울대 산학협력단

Sponsored by Korea Communications Commission 한국방송통신위원회

In the meantime... something to entertain...
Careful. Your head might explode.

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Blogger Florence Chee said...

And in case y'all are wondering--I'm fine. I am merely observing a common online convention here of merging the serious and cute. that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

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