Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post-Chuseok n things

It almost feels like a 'new year' around here... with fresh shipments of (whatever) coming to my local store post-Chuseok, and just a generally more relaxed vibe--well, as relaxed as Seoul gets?:) It's back to business as usual, more or less.

Most places were closed, but what was essentially Seoul's 'skeleton' of operation was still way more happening than other cities in their everyday situations.

The Korean farmers this were a little panicked at the harvest for this year's Chuseok offerings, as the Lunar calendar doesn't always coincide with the yearly ripening of fruits, etc. There was so much good looking fruit packed into perfect gift-boxes. Here's a ripening persimmon on a tree beside my bus stop:

and the full Chuseok moon overlooking Gangnam:

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