Monday, November 10, 2008

Pepero Day - 11/11

Today is Pepero Day, and if you didn't know it before, in Korea you'll notice the Pepero gift packs for sale in the weeks preceding today. Very different from what 11/11 means in the West (Remembrance Day).

In the past, I have seen people exchanging boxes of Pepero, and bakeries selling full-length baguettes dipped in chocolate (because they look like huge Peperos, of course). Yep.

It's a little scary how well the marketing worked on this one, though not surprising in considering the terrain.

**UPDATE: Some shots today of Korean pop icon Rain being, quoth POPSEOUL, "generous with his magic sticks." And, -only- if you're the immature (tsk tsk) type who laughed at that will you find the running Rain joke funny at all...uhuh.
Studying popular culture has its hazards.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, right, Nurri was just telling me about this.

Anyway: We meet again, [strike]Mr. Bond<[/strike] Ms. Chee! I hear you're gonna be working with my ethnographic immersion team in Seoul week after next. Stoked.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Florence Chee said...

Indeed... the delegation will nicely obscure my super-secret mission objectives ;P

9:03 PM  

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