Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's the ~Second~ Life for the VPD

Friends and colleagues Gerri Sinclair and Joanna Robinson of the Great Northern Way Campus are in the front page story of the Vancouver Sun. The story covers the Vancouver Police Department's win of a bid to have a recruiting presence in Second Life. You might remember Gerri and Joanna's from their Second Life efforts while recruiting new students for the GNWC last November. Nice work!

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Blogger Richard said...

The other story here is that this development was driven by another CMNS grad - Kevin McQuiggan - who conceived of the link to SL and made the connection to GNWC/Gerri/Joanna and pushed the thing through. If you think getting a municipal police force to launch an online recruiting portal in Second Life was easy... well, think again. Kudos to Kevin - very foresighted.

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