Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OGDC Conference 2007

Today I'm on my way to construct some amusement at the Online Game Development Conference in Seattle, Washington. The Chair, Peter Freese, has been kind enough to invite me, and it looks like they've got an exciting program of speakers lined up. It's a mix of industry and academia dialogue in which I am looking forward to participating.

For those not on FB or Flickr (and have therefore have not seen some of what I've been up to), I'll be posting the coles notes of the previous week's nuttiness for the Vancouver conferences here soon. Being the host city for a conference means that you're mostly working on the back end/graciously hosting/still relatively attached to home obligations/not staying in a hotel in the middle of the action. Maybe being out of town will give me a much needed chance to reflect and catch up. One can hope!

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