Thursday, May 31, 2007

My first caricature...cooooool.

Terra Nova author Lisa Galarneau caught this lovely article from Something Awful.

Something Awful indeed. The vitriol coming from the article was quite entertaining, as it proceeded to lay into a multitude of topics related to the Internetz including Second Life, and Terra Nova blog, where I guest blogged last month.

Not only was one of my posts referred to as a Paradigm Post for "Terrifying Teachers," but there was an inset editorial cartoon alluding to the emotional reaction to the raid that I discussed in my original post. He later goes on to say that if people enjoyed my post, then they would also enjoy "Medieval history of German shoemakers, shoving a pencil up your nose and into your brain, and Wired Magazine." Save for the pencil thing (ow), the other two don't seem that bad... and being compared to Wired Magazine was just downright sweet.

Hell, now I know for a fact I'm special. I wonder what I'm drinking from the green bottle (American Dew?). That, and I have more hair than advertised.

Next, I'll see if someone will burn an effigy of me somewhere. If you do, can you YouToooob it so I can see?:D

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