Friday, May 09, 2008

Proposal ayche eeee double hockey sticks

(read title out loud for full effect).

I got back from the Innovaton Systems Research Network annual meeting in Montreal this week, full of joi de vivre and more resolve to get my dissertation design out the door for some critique.
This reflection and focus was aided by a particularly excellent ISRN graduate student session where the Research Advisory Committee (made up of luminaries such as Allen Scott and Philip Cooke) gave some very good advice.
My supervisor, Richard Smith was able to attend and post some of these helpful notes for general feedback on his page (you know, in case you ever find yourself on either end of a graduate student/supervisor relationship).

A couple other good links I should mention today:

Recommended reading for Addiction Talk by Neils Clark

Homo Ludens Ludens - an entry from we make money not art about Ge Jin's Chinese Gold Farmer documentary (Thanks Shawna!)

Why am I using my lunch time to blog? I gotta fix that.

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