Monday, July 06, 2009

Serious Fun - Lift Asia 09, Sept 17-18 Jeju Korea

Following on the success of last year's Lift Asia, the call for participation has gone out on Laurent Haug's blog for this year's installment in Jeju September 17-18.

Don't worry, it won't conflict with the Chuseok period of expensive chaotic travel to and from Korea. According to the Lunar calendar, that period is set to happen October 3rd this year. (Unfortunately, conflicting with Gaecheonjeol (or, National Foundation Day)! Korean friends have complained to me that the calendar is all black in 2009 with no -red- holiday dates).

For those of you familiar with Lift on the Europe side, Lift Asia provides an opportunity to engage with the realities of a different locality with regard to technology, innovation, and sociocultural transformation--something for which Asia features ever more prominently.
The prices for getting to Korea will be decent around that time, along with their registration fee which is extra nice for startups/NGO/students (200,000 KRW... whatever that equates to in your neck of the woods). For more information, check out the Lift Asia 09 website.

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