Friday, September 23, 2011

Did, and doing. Europe, UK, US.

Greetings from Oxford! The 20 day blitz 'across the pond' is winding down, and it's been super busy but such a concentration of awesome. Just one of these would have been amazing in and of itself, but in the interests of 'efficiency' I ended up doing three in order to be jet lagged once (though sleep deprivation could not be helped!).

I'm still at Oxford winding down right now, and I'd better get a session as the conference isn't over yet.

In addition to twitter (@cheeflo) coverage, some touch-points to mention:

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, SE

  • Guest lectured, and held a research seminar.

  • DIGRA 2011: Sept 14-17

  • Presented this paper: Playing in Public: A Latitudinal Look at LANS

  • Oxford Internet Institute: Sept 21-24

  • Presented this paper: Data Mining User Generated Content: Transforming Play and Leisure in Online Social Gaming into Business Analytics

    Feeling so fortunate to have come into contact with so many high-caliber researchers who drive the dialogue in Games, and Internet research.

    And next...
  • IR 12: October 10-13
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